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Producer of Christmas trees

Our wide offer includes not only artificial Christmas trees but also a large selection of Christmas decorations. We would like to invite you to cooperate with us.


Producent sztucznych choinek

Christmas trees

Producent sztucznych choinek


Producent sztucznych choinek
choinka sztuczna produkcja
choinka sztuczna

Wonderful !

... impressive artificial Christmas trees and unusual Christmas decorations.


Artificial Christmas trees are designed with attention to detail, and the needles can be different shades of green, which resembles the appearance of real trees. Because the needles are made of plastic, PVC trees are less likely to catch fire than real trees. With stiff branches, artificial Christmas trees are easier to decorate because decorations can be placed on them more easily. They do not require watering because they do not lose their needles, which may be convenient for people who do not want to worry about maintenance. The advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that they can be stored and used for many years, which makes them more economical than buying fresh trees every year.


SITEX Christmas trees includes over 30 models. We offer Christmas trees of various heights from 50 to 250 cm, of a slender and wide shape, of different shades of green and the shape of needles. If you still haven't found your dream tree in our offer - write to us and present your idea. Extensive experience allows us to create each artificial Christmas tree, this industry has no secrets for us! Visit us and take a walk through our forest and you will see for yourself the quality of the goods.

Durability and safety

We use the highest quality materials for production, which ensures that the Christmas tree will last for many years and even generations. Most importantly, the PVC foil that we use for the production of Christmas trees is a non-flammable material, which ensures safety for our customers.


During creating trees, we take care of every detail, because we want to our Christmas trees look as close as possible to real trees. Despite modern machines, which of course enable us to quickly complete the order, we largely focus on handmade products. Each snowflake, each cone are decorations are hand made by our employees.


A stable stand is attached to each Christmas tree, which ensures that the tree stands straight. 
We offer: 
• PVC stands 
• Metal stands 
• Wooden stands 
• Natural pine trunks 
• Natural birch stands  


We are very flexible in terms of transport. You can pick Christmas trees up yourself in our company or we can provide our own transportation on the territory of Poland. International shipments are carried out by forwarding agency. At the customer's request, we will pack our goods in an aesthetic PVC bags, individual cartons, on pallets or in any other way.