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Christmas trees

Christmas is a magical time when we meet with family and spend time together. An inseparable tradition of this celebration is the Christmas tree, which we associate with these holidays for generations. If you don't have your dream tree yet, you've found it. In our offer you will surely find something for yourself. SITEX Christmas trees mean quality and attention to every detail, as well as diversity. We produce classic PVC Christmas trees, PE Christmas trees and Christmas trees on a natural trunk. We encourage you to buy!

Artificial Christmas trees are designed with attention to detail, and the needles can be different shades of green, which resembles the appearance of real trees. Because the needles are made of plastic, PVC trees are less likely to catch fire than real trees. With stiff branches, artificial Christmas trees are easier to decorate because decorations can be placed on them more easily. They do not require watering because they do not lose their needles, which may be convenient for people who do not want to worry about maintenance. The advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that they can be stored and used for many years, which makes them more economical than buying fresh trees every year.